The girl in the pillar box

John Palmer

Lisa Parrott, née Robertson, who was the girl in the pillar box in the Jubilee Mural
John Palmer
Lisa Parrott, the girl in the pillar box in the Jubilee Mural, posts a letter to her younger self
John Palmer
Lisa Parrott, the girl in the pillar box in the Jubilee Mural, admires her former taste in footwear
John Palmer
Lisa's family photo of her pillar box outfit
With thanks to Lisa Parrott

One of the scenes in the Jubilee Mural shows children celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in the summer of 1977. One of the children is dressed as a GPO pillar box – she is Lisa Parrott, née Robertson. In 2016 I invited Lisa to come and meet the painting of her younger self.

The painting is partly based on one of Lisa’s old family photos.  Lisa has some strong memories:

“I was in my first year at Wyndham Park school. The class teacher Mrs. Stuart was very strict – on my first day there she made me stand on a chair for talking in class!”

“I remember it being very hot in the costume. It was a hot day and we had to stand around quite a lot in the sun. My dad made the pillar box and painted it with poster paints, and I still remember the smell. Even now if I pass anything with paint that smells like that, it takes me straight back to 1977.”

If you have any memories of the Jubilee celebrations, please let us know – just use the comment button below.

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  • I remember that day at Wyndham Park and the parade. My boy was dressed as a moonraker and the Mayor and Mayoress came to watch the parade.

    By Mary (22/03/2016)
  • I have happy memories of that hot summers day in 1977. Seeing myself hiding in the postbox in the mural always brings a smile to my face and I love telling people about my ‘claim to fame’.

    By Lisa Parrott (16/03/2016)

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