Partners and Supporters

Organisations and people who have helped and supported us.

Throughout the life of the Project we have been delighted at the local organisations and individuals who have supported us. We are a small organisation looking at life in Salisbury through a parochial lens, but we have caught the imagination of many for the boldness of our plans and the fact that we have achieved them!

The Salisbury Museum

The museum was the first place that we went to in order to look for photos of the Milford Street Bridge area “before the bridge”. Since then we have been back many times! We are very grateful to the museum for allowing us to use a selection of their photos on this website, and for the support that the project has been given. Particular thanks go to Kim Chittick, Jane Ellis-Schon, Ruth Butler and volunteer Alan Clarke.

See the Salisbury Museum website for more about the museum and its work.

Salisbury Library

The library have supported us in a number of ways. In particular they

  • held our exhibition in 2011;
  • ran events for children in 2011 to celebrate the end of the “Before the Bridge” phase;
  • ran school visits for local children to look at old maps and other reference material;
  • acted as a place for local people to pick up our “Before the Bridge” CD;
  • hosted events such as our memory day in 2012;
  • have always helped promote the project through posters, screen displays;
  • helped our volunteers with research.

Special thanks to Community Librarian Philip Tomes for his unfailing support of the project.

To see what else the library does, take a look here.

St Martins Primary School

St Martins embraced the project, and we ran two successful schemes there. Their work with the team produced some wonderful results. The sight of a whole class dressed as mural artist Fred and dancing while “painting” was really moving. And the oral history interviews where children asked elderly ex-pupils what games consoles they had when they were younger was a real learning experience to be remembered by all! For more about the school look here.

St Marks CE Junior School

We have been delighted that St Marks agreed to trial the Education Packs for us. They have been accomodating and enthusiastic, none more so than Ali Kay whose energy seems boundless. See their school website for more about St Marks.

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap is a Salisbury Playhouse group for people age 50 and over to develop theatre and movement skills. Their work with Rebecca Seymour at St Marks School has been inspiring!

Salisbury Arts Centre

Housed in the former parish church of St Edmunds, Salisbury Arts Centre is the perfect venue for us when we hold community events. Our Family Fun Day held there in 2011 to celebrate the painting of the first mural was a great success. Thanks to Director Gemma Okell and her team for all of their support.

Salisbury Civic Society

We were delighted to have been awarded a Conservation Award in 2012 by Salisbury Civic Society, who supported the painting of the murals from the outset.

Wessex Community Action

Wessex Community Action supports community and voluntary activity across Wiltshire. Thanks to Debra, Jane and the team for helping us with grants, finding us volunteers, and letting us use the photocopier!


Many thanks to Pat Shelley of Salisbury and Stonehenge Tours who guided a walk for us on the fascinating history of Salisbury’s Pubs as well as backing the project financially.

Many thanks to Peter Daniels for allowing us to use his photograph of the Greencroft Children.

Please also see the information about our brilliant volunteers.



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