Photo gallery of the creation of the Bridge Mural

Some photos of the creation of the Bridge mural, showing the bare walls before we started, the “ghost” impression of no. 88 Milford Street against the unpainted wall, and the mural under construction.

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  • I think all underpass should be done its bright informative and better than drab or graffiti covered

    By Jenny bolwell (31/03/2021)
  • What a good idea Jenny!

    By Clare Christopher (31/03/2021)
  • Looking at the photos of the underpass before the murals were painted reminds me of what a chilly drab place it used to be. And now it just zings with life! Hopefully both murals will last for many years, and perhaps elderly people will say “I remember when those were painted, way back when I was a child ….”

    By Pam Wall (21/04/2015)
  • This is one of Salisbury’s hidden treasures. Hopefully more people will get to see it once it’s included in visitors’ information. There are plenty of other blank (and possibly more visible) spaces in Salisbury that could benefit from a similar makeover.

    By Rocky (03/10/2014)
  • Great to remember seeing Fred painting the mural. Everyday when walking pass I stopped for a little chat about the project?
    great stories.

    By Laurence Rushby (03/10/2014)

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