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Margaret Bunyard

Children at St Marks creating stunning Titanic pictures
St Marks children exploring items from our handling boxes

There are six power-point presentations, made primarily for children at Key Stage 2. However most of the slides are pictorial, with the minimum of text, in order to be adaptable to a wider range of age and ability.

Many of the slides have links to some of the wonderful oral history recordings collected as part of the project. Just click on the loudspeaker image to hear a short extract about life as it was lived in the area 50 or 60 years ago.

The notes pages that go with the slides offer the teacher more information about the subject of the slide together with some questions to ask the class and suggestions for follow-up work. It may be easiest to print these out so that you can refer to them while showing the slides to your class.

As well as the presentations you will find amongst these resources a selection of wonderful ideas and information that you can print out to help you expand and develop your children’s learning through drama, oral history and art.

All the materials have been produced with the new history curriculum in mind. We hope that they will help to inspire children’s curiosity and help them learn about changes within living memory. The subject matter is local, and supports local history, but throughout the presentations there are references to national and global events; jubilee celebrations, WWII rationing and VE Day. Two presentations are designed to link local and national more closely: ‘Eileen O’Leary’ is about a Salisbury woman who sailed on the RMS Titanic and the Titanic  disaster deserves a presentation all to itself.

As well as these online resources, we have created five boxes of handling objects. These can be hired free of charge for up to six weeks, as long as you can collect and deliver back to St Marks school, Salisbury. Please contact us for more details.

We hope you find the resources useful. We have tried hard to make sure that we have only used images which are free from copyright or which we have been given permission to use. If we have missed any, please let us know.

Resources written by Margaret Bunyard

Original drawings and ideas for art: Fred Fieber

Oral History: Barbara Gibson

Dance and Drama: Rebecca Seymour

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